Our organization

Everything you need to know about Quam

Our organization

Quam is a Customer oriented company specialized in design and manufacturing of special Valves & Control Systems for the Oil & Gas Industry.
QUAM relies on a hard-working staff guided by passion, high sense of responsibility and the most positive attitude. Our experience in this sector allows us to be efficient and precise as well as to easily find custom-made solutions, even for the most demanding Clients.

How we manage Client’s request and Order’s execution

All our Departments work in great synergy to guarantee the best Service for our Customers.
QUAM’s number one priority? Fulfilling and even excessing Client’s requirements.


Where EVERYTHING starts: our Sales Department.

Thanks to our qualified sales team, we are able to provide tailor-made offers combining suitable product designs, material options and pricing with timely and accurate quotations. Our people are committed to finding the best solutions for our Customers, resulting in the creation of long-standing relationships built on mutual trust and understanding.
When their work and efforts are brought to a successful conclusion, this department starts the elaboration of the Purchase Order, kick-starting the whole process.


Where EVERYTHING is designed: our Technical Department.

The whole range of products is 100% internally engineered by our skilled engineers. They can rely on state-of-the-art software applications to design very functional and innovative products.
This is the second department taking part in the Order elaboration development: they make it possible for our products to work properly, studying and technically elaborating processes while producing calculations, accurate schematic and technical drawings, in order to satisfy even the most hard-to-please Clients.


Where EVERYTHING is controlled: our Quality Department.

QUAM’s Quality team is composed of skilled people who allow us to be confident on the final quality of our products. Each product is 100% hydrostatically and functionally tested, controlled and EN 10204 3.1 certified before leaving the plant. Furthermore, our design activities are audited and certified to PED, API 6A and API 6D standards.
Quality people are in charge to provide and verify all the documentation needed by Customers, making sure that everything complies with what has been purchased. They also keep continuously in touch with Clients, since this Department manages their visits and third-party inspections, while checking on the overall quality of the products.


Where EVERYTHING is bought: our Procurement Department.

Our Procurement Department purpose is to find the best raw materials on the Italian market, to select the best partners and to plan and control the incoming of all materials and components, in order to maintain and, whenever possible, even improve the delivery time.


Where EVERYTHING is made: our Production Department.

Heart of QUAM production process is the Manufacturing Department: our unstoppable team is always up for new challenges. Our people assemble and test our products non-stop, and it is thanks to them if the Company is successful in maintaining a fast track delivery. As soon as the materials reach our Headquarters, the assembling process is immediately started in order to quickly finish the job and get it ready for all the required tests and documentation.


Where EVERYTHING is shipped: our Administration & Logistics Department.

Our Administration and Logistics Department is composed of capable people who have the ability of following Customers’ needs after the purchase of our products. They also manage logistics and the shipment of our products worldwide, allowing us to be able to do business everywhere.
They are in charge of purchase orders payment management and they also organize and monitor the shipping processes of all QUAM’s products, making sure that the wares are safe delivered.


How EVERYBODY is assisted: our after-sales service.

QUAM’s After-Sales Service supports our Customers to meet their commissioning & start up, maintenance, testing and upgrading needs. We work close to our clients to have a mutual exchange of information regarding our products and we are glad to debate on any eventual improvements with them.
When our Clients request or need it, we have the possibility of sending our expert and prepared technicians worldwide, in order to help with the start-up and eventually with maintenance or replacements of our products on site, too.

We were born to say YES

because we know how to do it

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