LCP Series Local Control Panel


Local Panels are Pneumatic or Hydraulic Panels for the complete control of Valve Systems.
QUAM Local Panels can be used to supply a Single Valve or a Multi-Valve system.
Local Control Panels automatically stroke the Valves in response to alarm conditions requiring shut-off or blow-down. Valves can be closed either manually or automatically, from panel or remotely.
Local Panels are available with a wide selection of options. Single-Valve Control Panels are designed to operate one valve, while Multi-Valve Control Panels, designed with the same features of the Single-Valve Panels, are able to control simoultaneously several valves.

General Application

QUAM Local Control Panels are designed for both Topside and Subsea applications.

QUAM serie: WHCP Category: Local Control Panel Tags: Pneumatic, Hydraulic

  • Operation - Pneumo/Hydraulic or Electro/Hydraulic
  • Availability - It is available for single valve systems or multi-valve systems
  • Fail Safe Design - Reliable valve shutdown capability
  • Heavy Duty Construction - For long life service
  • Easy Maintenance - Modular design to simplify maintenance
  • 100% ITALIAN MANUFACTURING - QUAM products are Engineered and Manufactured entirely in Italy

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